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When is the Best Time to Buy Replacement Windows?

Whether you’re looking to freshen up the look of your home or lessen your maintenance requirements, replacement windows can be just the thing your home needs to look and feel like new. Like most home improvement projects, picking the right time to replace your windows can make your project easier, faster, and worry-free. Here’s what Des Moines area homeowners should know about when to buy replacement windows.

When is the best time to buy replacement windows?  

In short, the best time to buy a replacement window is when you need your windows replaced! At Nu-Vu, we replace windows for Iowa homeowners year-round. Our professional window installers have replacement window installation down to a science meaning your home is never exposed to the humid summer or wet winter weather for longer than necessary.

Don’t waste another season struggling through the hot summer with old windows that won’t open to let in the breeze or dealing with the chill of drafty windows in the winter. Instead, contact us for a free home estimate to see how we can help you restore the comfort of your home throughout the entire year.

Advantages of buying replacement windows in spring  

Spring is a great time to buy replacement windows. The Des Moines area has many home and garden shows in the early spring to help you get some wonderful ideas about how to improve the curb appeal from the exterior of your home or how to amplify your interior style using replacement windows. At Nu-Vu, we use Infinity by Marvin replacement windows which offer a variety of beautiful and elegant exterior color options as well as multiple shades of maintenance-free or stainable EverWood® interiors to help our homeowners achieve the look they want. Whether you plan to buy your replacement windows in the spring or later in the year, make sure to save any photos or other design inspiration items to remind you when it comes time to order!

Advantages of buying replacement windows in summer 

While the summertime in Iowa makes for perfect swimming weather at the Dallas Center Pool or Valley View Aquatic Center, it can also make the inside of your home feel like a sauna. Traditional glass windows serve as a basic barrier from the heat, humidity, and ultraviolet rays from the sun, but our Infinity by Marvin PolyVinyl windows offer protection in multiple ways. First, all Infinity by Marvin windows have a double pane design, opposed to a single piece of glass used in very old windows. We take it one step further by adding insulating gas between the panes and a Low-E coating to the inside of the glass pack. This helps prevent the heat of the summer sun from entering your home without restricting the bright, beautiful light that shines through. By putting the coating on the inside of the glass pack, it is protected from the elements allowing it to perform at its best and keeping your replacement windows in top shape. You’ll love sitting by your new windows to enjoy your morning coffee while remaining cool in your home.

Advantages of buying replacement windows in the fall  

Fall is another popular time to replace the windows in your home. By replacing your windows in the fall, you can see the energy savings from the last of the summer heat and all of the upcoming winter weather. This is also a prime timing for window replacement for homeowners who have large window openings, many windows, or multiple home improvement projects occurring at the same time since the fair weather and long daylight hours can help make the process more efficient and comfortable for your home.

Advantages of buying replacement windows in winter 

It can come as a surprise to homeowners when we tell them we replace windows year-round. Our factory-certified installers are experts at getting old windows out and new windows in quickly, minimizing the time your home is open and exposed to the cold. Want to make your home a showstopper for the holidays? Stop putting off your replacement window project! Since many homeowners in Des Moines and beyond don’t consider winter for their window replacement projects, it’s likely you can get your new windows installed faster — even if they’re custom-made because of a lower order volume.

Another reason to consider winter for your window replacement is because of the frozen ground outside your windows. If you have ornate gardens directly under your windows, winter may be the perfect time to consider window replacement. Our professional installers take the utmost care with each customer’s home, but some projects and homes are designed in a way that can make protecting landscaping during a window replacement nearly impossible. By waiting until your garden or landscaping has retired for the winter, you can ensure that your plants are safe.

When should I consider buying replacement windows?  

There are a lot of reasons homeowners choose to replace the windows in their homes, but most boil down to comfort, convenience, character, and cost.

Comfort: Installing new windows can help to reduce your energy bills, reduce outside noise, and protect flooring and furniture from fading by blocking UV rays.

Convenience: Do you have to climb on counters, find ladders, or awkwardly tug at windows just to open or close them? Do you have to use a stick, rod, or another object to ensure your window is secure because of a broken latch? Replacing your windows can solve both of these issues making opening, closing, and locking your windows a breeze.

Character: Want to take the aesthetic of your home to the next level? Then it’s time to think about window replacement. Choose to mimic the original architectural style or create a refreshed look that’s all your own by choosing a design you love from the customizable line of Infinity by Marvin replacement windows.

Cost: There are many reasons it’s a good idea to replace all the windows in your home at the same time, but we understand that it’s not always possible. We suggest that homeowners prioritize their window replacement project by which windows need it the most and/or by which ones are most visible from the street to help break the project down.

Ready to get started on your replacement window installation project? Contact us today! Our team of professional window installation experts are here to guide you through the replacement window process and our 25 year workmanship warranty means you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve with the quality replacement windows you need.

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