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Windows and Siding Frequently Asked Questions

A typical house as anywhere between 10-25 windows. There are many factors that play into this but we complete most installations are complete in 2-5 days.
Clear items around windows and any obstacles that may make accessing the windows difficult. Either on the inside or outside.
Yes, we only take one window out at a time.
Yes, there will be some sawdust but, we will do our best to help mitigate the mess and help you secure and insulate your home with new windows.
The reasons being is we are not just selling windows, but the installation too. There is not standard size of window or installation. Without looking at the job size, type of installation, type of window/options and carpentry work needed, there is no way to determine the cost.
Depending on the method of install, a good installer should install approximately 6 windows/day. If it is a full-frame replacement it will be 3/day.
The average home, depending on options, will take 2 to 3 weeks.
We generally schedule 6-8 weeks out (most of the year).
Windows – It usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive the ordered windows and after that another couple weeks to schedule. Plus, another week if there is painting or staining involved. Siding – will take 2 to 3 weeks to receive all the necessary materials. Another week or two to schedule. Weather permitting, we install all year round. We do our best to keep your yard as clean as possible.
The answer is always now. Never going to be a better time to start enjoying the benefits of new windows and siding than now.
Whether it is siding or window, as long as we have temperatures in the 20’s we are installing.
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