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What’s Better, Vinyl or Fiberglass Windows?

For homeowners, this means that more of your view is obstructed by these chunky frames. Vinyl windows also have a limited color selection. Dark vinyl exterior colors fade and are more prone to warping. On the interior of the home, vinyl windows don’t offer a stainable option that can look cheap and out of place.

Advantages of fiberglass replacement windows

Fiberglass replacement windows offer a slew of advantages over vinyl. One of the biggest benefits is their impressive strength and longevity. Most homeowners only want to replace the windows in their home once and with fiberglass windows like those by Infinity from Marvin, they can. Infinity from Marvin uses proprietary Ultrex fiberglass that is specially designed to stand up to the elements. Ultrex fiberglass windows are 8x stronger than vinyl which eliminates the possibility of bending and flexing — even in high-sun areas. In fact, Ultrex is the strongest window framing in the entire replacement window industry. This strength offers a secondary advantage to homeowners as well: a better view. Fiberglass replacement windows offer narrower frames than either wood or vinyl windows giving homeowners more glass per window and opening up the view.

Aesthetically, fiberglass replacement windows are the whole package. They offer a fade-resistant exterior finish in a wide variety of colors including dark shades like Bronze, Bahama Brown, and Ebony. On the interior, Infinity from Marvin windows gives homeowners more flexibility with EverwoodⓇ, an engineered wood finish. This finish looks, feels, and stains just like wood, but is nearly maintenance-free. One final advantage of fiberglass replacement windows is their ability to be customized. Infinity from Marvin windows can be ordered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes allowing homeowners to match historical styles or create something entirely their own.

Disadvantages of fiberglass replacement windows

Fiberglass windows aren’t the right choice for every home or situation. They require a higher upfront investment than vinyl windows. Fiberglass windows can’t be purchased at a big box store and require professional installation which means they aren’t the right choice for active DIY-ers.

What’s better: Vinyl vs Fiberglass replacement windows

Vinyl or fiberglass window colors: Fiberglass

Fiberglass replacement windows have more exterior colors while it can be very difficult to find vinyl windows that aren’t pure white. Vinyl windows also don’t offer wood interior options which can be an interior design dealbreaker.

Vinyl or fiberglass window durability: Fiberglass

Fiberglass is the runaway winner in terms of durability. Infinity from Marvin Ultrex windows are 8x stronger than vinyl and 3x stronger than wood or composite windows. Additionally, Ultrex has a near-zero expansion rate. This makes it resistant to leaks, seal failure, and stress cracks which can compromise energy efficiency and hinder performance.

Vinyl or fiberglass window cost: Vinyl

Vinyl windows are cheaper than fiberglass windows on average. A basic vinyl replacement window can start from $350, however, it can easily be double that for fiberglass. One thing to consider is longevity. While vinyl windows are less expensive now, if you plan to stay in your home long-term, fiberglass windows may be cheaper when considering the window’s lifespan.

Vinyl or fiberglass window energy efficiency: Fiberglass

With the exception of aluminum-frame windows, the majority of insulating properties and window energy efficiency come from the window’s glass pack, not the frame itself. Most fiberglass and vinyl windows offer dual-pane glass packs with a Low-E coating and insulating gas between the panes. What makes fiberglass the better choice for energy efficiency is its durable frame. Vinyl windows can often warp leading to air gaps and seal failures where the insulating gas escapes. The is not an issue with fiberglass windows.

Vinyl or fiberglass window maintenance: Tie

Both fiberglass and vinyl windows are very low maintenance. Vinyl windows are totally maintenance-free, but the upkeep needed on fiberglass windows in normal residential conditions is minimal enough for this to be called a tie.

Vinyl or fiberglass window installation: Tie

The replacement window installation process is pretty similar for vinyl and fiberglass windows. The difference is that vinyl windows can be purchased from any home improvement store and can be installed by a handy DIY-er while fiberglass requires a professional. Most Des Moines-area homeowners opt for professional replacement window installation to ensure proper fit and process. While a professional installation isn’t the right choice for everyone, most people enjoy the added peace of mind offered by installation warranties. Nu-Vu is proud to offer homeowners a 25-year workmanship warranty on our replacement window installations.

Final Answer—What’s better: Vinyl vs Fiberglass replacement windows

Fiberglass replacement windows offer a host of advantages for homeowners. From better quality materials to longer-lasting products, fiberglass windows are an investment in your home that can pay off in comfort, style, and energy efficiency for years to come.

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