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How Long Does a Window Estimate Take?

At Nu-Vu, our team of window replacement professionals understands that each home is unique, which is why we work together with homeowners to achieve the look and operation they desire for their new windows. An in-home consultation is the best way to understand your options when it comes to replacing the windows in your home. Here is what Des Moines-area homeowners should know about getting a replacement window estimate.

Why do I need a window estimate?

At Nu-Vu, we work with many top window manufacturers to offer a high-quality selection of replacement window options with expert installation to Des Moines homeowners. Many of these window makers offer a large variety of options, including custom sizing, so that you get a window that fits your home exactly. Because of the price variance when it comes to window operation, size, material, manufacturer, hardware finishes, screens, glass, grilles, and the type of installation and associated carpentry needed, it is nearly impossible to give homeowners an accurate estimate without seeing their home and discussing their goals.

How long does a window replacement estimate take?

On average, a replacement window estimate will take about an hour, but there are many factors that can change the amount of time needed. Homeowners with only a few windows to replace or who know exactly the style, design, and options they are looking for will often see their replacement window estimates take less time while those who have many windows or who need more help deciding on the look and function of their new windows should set aside more time for their estimate.

Preparing for a replacement window estimate

Homeowners can prepare for a replacement window estimate by collecting and reviewing design ideas for their homes. Many Nu-Vu customers around Des Moines choose to keep the same look and operation of their old windows. This means that if they had wooden casement windows, they choose to upgrade to a low-maintenance wooden interior casement option like those made by Infinity from Marvin.

The other option is for homeowners to completely transform the look and operation of their existing windows with new replacement windows from Nu-Vu. In this case, it’s a good idea for homeowners to do some design research before their free replacement window estimate. This can mean consulting with an interior designer, searching Pinterest for home design ideas, or even checking out home design magazines, television shows, and websites. While a Nu-Vu replacement window professional can help to guide you through the design process, it’s important that you have an understanding of the look you want to achieve whether it’s a cottage-style country home, an industrial modern look, or something totally unique.

At Nu-Vu, we understand that most Des Moines homeowners have never replaced the windows in their home before and it can a bit stressful. Our goal is to help you understand the process and your options so you can be confident in your decision. We encourage homeowners to write down any questions they may have so that we can address them during your free window estimate.

What to expect during a replacement window estimate

Most homeowners aren’t sure what to expect during a replacement window project. The first thing that happens is a free window replacement estimate. During a Nu-Vu replacement window estimate, our representative will talk to you about your window replacement wants, needs, and goals. Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new windows so we want to make sure you know your options and are comfortable with the choices available to you. Your window consultant will then go around your home taking measurements from the inside to determine the size of the windows which allows us to help guide you in design selection as well as generate a price quote.

Nu-Vu offers a variety of different replacement windows from top manufacturers including Andersen, Infinity from Marvin, Marvin, Pella, and more. Each of these top-quality window brands has its own strengths and defining features which is why your window consultant will review the options that make the most sense for your home and situation based on your budget, style, and maintenance wishes.

In addition to selecting the general style of your windows in terms of materials, colors, and operation, there are several other choices that can affect the price and look of replacement windows. This includes the type of energy-efficient glass used in the window, the type of hardware including any locks or handles, and the placement and design of window grilles.

If you have no idea what you want to choose for your replacement windows, don’t worry! During your free window estimate, the Nu-Vu professional at your home will be able to provide recommendations and work with you to find options that work best for your home and lifestyle. For example, this could include changing a casement window to a double-hung if it interferes with a patio or walkway area or swapping a double-hung window in the place of a single-hung to allow for more ventilation options.

A Nu-Vu window replacement expert will have window material samples on hand so you can get a general idea of how the window you are purchasing will look and feel. Additionally, we have a large gallery of completed work from our satisfied customers to help you get an idea of what is possible when it comes to a replacement window project.

Once we have all the information about your replacement window selections, your Nu-Vu window expert will be able to give you a price estimate for your project.

After a window replacement estimate

Many homeowners we meet with are excited to get started on their replacement window project right away and sign a contract with us the very same day we meet with them. In general, our replacement windows can take two to three weeks to come in after we order them and we typically schedule installations for about six to eight weeks from the time the contract is signed.

Between your window estimation and installation, there will be one more visit to your home by a Nu-Vu professional to take a technical measurement that ensures your new windows will fit your home exactly.

On installation day, a professional crew of window installers will arrive at your home to begin work. Most of our installations take anywhere from two to five days depending on the number, size, and placement of the windows being replaced. Our window replacement teams work year-round allowing our customers to enjoy the upgraded comfort and energy efficiency of new replacement windows at any time of the year.

When you buy replacement windows from Nu-Vu, you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve with a window manufacturer warranty plus a 25-year workmanship warranty available exclusively from Nu-Vu. Contact us today to schedule your free window estimate!

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