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Should Window and Siding Replacement Happen Together?

Most homeowners have never replaced the windows and siding on their property. It’s a big, expensive project and it can cause a lot of stress. Should window and siding replacements happen together? Is there a benefit to replacing windows and siding at the same time? How do you know what to prioritize if you can’t afford everything at once? Nu-Vu experts have replaced the windows and siding on thousands of Des Moines-area homes and are here to help guide you through this process.

When to consider window replacement

There are many reasons to consider replacing windows in your home including operation, energy performance, and design. Windows often last anywhere from 10 to 50 years, depending on frame material. Our favorite Infinity from Marvin replacement windows even have a Limited Lifetime Warranty—but just because the glass isn’t broken, it doesn’t mean the window couldn’t use an upgrade.

Common signs it’s time to replace your windows:

  1. Operation: Do your windows open, close, and lock securely and easily? Do you need to enlist the help of a broom handle, wooden stick, or another object to keep windows open or burglars out? If your windows don’t work and are past repair, it’s time to replace them.
  2. Energy performance: Is it really warm or cold near your windows? Do you notice fading on the flooring, furniture, or decor that gets the most sunlight? Do you notice a lot of condensation, especially when it’s not that cold out? These are all signs of leaky, old, and inefficient windows.
  3. Design: Has the area or room changed in a way that requires a change? For example, casement windows are great for catching the breeze, but that crank-out sash can be a surprise walkway obstacle when you build a new patio or deck. Additionally, replacing windows can add more character and depth to a home—especially black windows—as part of an exterior makeover complete with new siding.

When to consider siding replacement

The expected lifetime for siding can vary greatly based on the type and quality of siding. Vinyl siding, one of the most popular choices for Des Moines homes, lasts 30-40 years on average. Signs that it’s time to consider replacing your siding include:

● Visibly cracked or warped siding

● Siding that is loose or broken

● Signs of moisture/mold

● Extremely faded siding

● Siding that needs a lot of maintenance

Benefits of replacing windows and siding together

It is not necessary to replace windows and siding together, but it is a good idea. Both siding and window replacement can be done as a stand-alone project, but doing them together has several advantages.

Replacing windows & siding at the same time is cheaper

Doing both projects at once can have several cost advantages. It’s a bigger job that can help you qualify for a volume discount and adds cost-efficiency. For example, imagine having your windows replaced and then deciding to have the siding replaced later. All the exterior windows trim would need to be capped when they were replaced and likely need to be re-capped when the siding was replaced. This would cost extra time, material, and labor that would be saved by doing both projects at the same time and that’s just one small example.

In addition to these project-specific savings, getting financing for replacing windows and siding together can be more affordable in regards to the interest rate and loan terms you are able to get. Many homeowners choose to replace windows and siding as part of a home improvement project when refinancing home loans as well.

Replacing siding & windows creates a polished look

When homeowners choose to only do windows or siding, they often find themselves in a bind. While they love their new windows/siding, they often remark how faded, dingy, or old their existing windows or siding look now. What seemed to be in fair condition next to the old items has now become comparatively ugly. In other cases, homeowners will choose a window or siding option based on what they currently have and then feel locked into that style when they go to replace the other.

At Nu-Vu, our experienced professionals are able to help you find the perfect window and siding combination for your home. We help you choose from our many high-quality replacement windows and siding options to find something that works for your style and your budget. This helps to create a cohesive look for an exterior you’ll love now and in the future.

Replacing windows & siding together can have big energy efficiency wins

Most homeowners think of windows and siding as just pretty features of their home, but they actually make a huge impact on how energy-efficient a house is. Without getting too far into the science specifics, both windows and siding are responsible for insulating your home from the outside. When you have old, cracking, inefficient materials for your windows and siding, your home lets the heat escape in the winter and cooled air out in the summer. By upgrading to energy-efficient replacement windows like those by Infinity from Marvin protective fiber cement and hardboard siding by James Hardie, your home is likely to see improvements in energy efficiency and comfort.

Disadvantages of replacing windows and siding at the same time

For many homeowners, the only disadvantage to replacing both windows and siding at the same time is the expense. This is a big project with results that will last for many, many years, but that comes at a cost. The bigger the home and the more windows that need to be replaced, the bigger the final price tag. Getting a free in-home consultation is the only way to know exactly how much a window and siding replacement project will cost for your unique home.

If you have to choose, should you replace windows or siding first?

At Nu-Vu, we understand that sometimes choices need to be made. If you’re needing to prioritize windows or siding for your home and there’s not an immediate need (ie emergency repair), it is best to replace windows first.

Replacing your windows will likely have a bigger impact on the day-to-day comfort of your life than a siding change will. You’ll likely notice an immediate shift in the temperature and noise level in your home thanks to new windows. You’ll also get to see them whether you’re inside or outside your home adding to the joy the project brings. Additionally, if you want to change a window shape or size, it makes more sense to do that before replacing siding to ensure a consistent look.

When is the best time to replace windows and siding?

If you’re thinking about replacing the windows and siding on your home, now is the best time to act! We offer free consultations year-round to help customers make plans and get started on their home improvement projects. Our skilled crews install windows at any time of year, but we generally suggest doing window and siding replacement projects in the spring, summer, and autumn. Contact us today to secure your spot for window and siding replacement this year!

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