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What Windows Will Fit Your Home and Personal Style Best?

Is it finally time to replace your windows? Deciding on the right ones that will work with your home can be a very involved process. Not only will you consider the characteristics of the window, such as double hung or slider, you also have to consider the aesthetics, maintenance, and ventilation as you want new windows that promote your home’s style and will increase its curb appeal.

So what styles will fit your home? Here at Nu-Vu, we’ve gathered together many of the questions that people ask when picking out windows and placed the answers into this helpful guide. Check out the information so you can narrow down your replacement window choices.

Common Window Styles

Before deciding on a new window, learn about the types of window styles that are available. Here is a list of the most popular replacement windows on the market offered by our popular manufacturer Infinity from Marvin.

Double Hung Replacement Windows

Infinity from Marvin

Double hung windows feature two sashes (glass panels in the frame unit) that slide up and down on vertical tracks. These windows do not protrude as they sit flush along the house’s exterior.

Casement Crank Out Replacement Windows

Infinity from Marvin

Casement windows feature cranks that open the window much like a door. There are hinges placed one side as the other side is stationary.

Awning Replacement Windows

Infinity from Marvin

Awning windows are very similar to casement windows. They feature hinges that you can use to crank them open. The only difference is that the hinges are on the top of the window as they open from the bottom.

Slider Replacement Windows

Infinity from Marvin

Slider windows are side by side windows. One window will slide to open.

How to Select the Right Windows

Do You Prefer Low Maintenance Windows?
Select Double Hung.

While cleaning the inside of the window is easy, the cleaning the outside can be a tough especially for windows up on second and third floors. If you are looking for low maintenance windows, select double hung replacements. The window sash can be tilted inside as all you have to do is wipe the glass clean.
These windows are also the perfect ones when you have traditional homes. Infinity from Marvin offers fiberglass replacement windows that provide greater weather resistance than regular vinyl yet still look like traditional style windows.

Want Windows that are Easy to Operate?
Try Casement.

Casement windows can easily be opened just by using the crank. So you don’t have to deal with finger smudges on the glass when pushing the window open or grabbing it by the frame.
These types of windows come in smaller sizes that are perfect for little rooms where you want some natural light to enter. Yet the small size still qualifies as an egress window that will allow a person to escape in case of a fire.

Looking for Windows for Scenic Views? 
Picture Windows are Perfect.

You may have purchased your house because the living room faces the beach or you love looking at the sunset. However, the view doesn’t look right when staring out of double hung windows because of the sashes. Instead, pick a picture window from Infinity from Marvin. These windows have the full glass pane that allows you to look outside at the great wonders of nature. 

Trying to Save Money?
Convert a Double Hung or Casement Window into a Sliding Window.

There will be many times where you want to change the look of the window but not the size of the opening. You don’t want to take on the additional construction costs to make the space larger or smaller to accommodate other window styles. If you have double hung windows or twin casement windows and are looking to convert to a different style that is economical for your budget, select sliding units.

Replacing a Window over a Kitchen Sink?
Consider Awning Windows.

Sink windows are unique. You want something that is easy to reach over to open, provides increased ventilation, and still allows you to gaze outside while washing the dishes. Our popular awning windows installed by Nu-Vu professionals are a great choice. The awning window allows you to fully view the outside world as it cranks open. So you don’t have to worry about your wet fingers sliding on the edges trying to get it open.

Hopefully, our guide has provided you with the right information about which windows to select for your home. Now is the time to figure out how to get the window replacement work completed. Here at Nu-Vu, we provide a free estimate consultation to talk about the work that will be performed. Contact us today to learn more.

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