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What Are the Advantages of Fiberglass Windows?  


Replacing the windows on your home is a big undertaking. There seems to be an endless array of choices, and you want to feel confident that you are picking something attractive, versatile, and reliable. Lucky for you, new fiberglass windows are all of this and more.

 There are countless advantages to fiberglass windows including a longer life expectancy, higher tensile strength and impact resistance, low thermal expansion, and a stylish finish. Each of these unique advantages combine to create an excellent choice for your windows.

Those qualities all sound great, but they may not mean a whole lot to you at first. We’re going to take a closer look at each of these individual advantages and what they actually mean for you and your home.

Why Should You Choose Fiberglass Windows?  

When you are replacing your windows, you are faced with a lot of choices. Some people may choose wood, others may choose aluminum, but we think that fiberglass is one of the best choices you can make. Fiberglass windows are stronger, sturdier, more climate resistant, and contract/expand at about the same rate as glass.

The Ultrex Pultruded Fiberglass material from Marvin is a top notch choice for fiberglass windows. They are “highly durable” and, according to Marvin, “significantly outlast and outperform vinyl and vinyl/wood composites in virtually every way.” This is the same tough material that fiberglass boats are made of, so you can count on the strength.

How Strong Are Fiberglass Windows?  

The Ultrex Pultruded Fiberglass from Marvin is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times as strong as wood composites. This means that your windows stay true and square for years and years to come, contributing to the longer life expectancy in a big way. Just one square inch of Ultrex can support up to 34,000 lbs.

Ultrex Pultruded Fiberglass enhanced strength means more than just being able to trust them to remain true. The manufacturer can reduce the thickness of the frame, meaning there is more surface area for glass. Smaller frames and more glass, means that you get the biggest view possible.

These windows are also considerably more impact resistant. They can handle heavy winds, torrential downpours, large balls of hail, and even a stray baseball. The enhanced tensile strength, modulus strength, and impact resistance all work together to bring you the toughest of tough window materials.

How Do Fiberglass Windows Handle Temperature Fluctuations?  

The temperature is anything but consistent. No matter where you live, you can count on some big swings every once and while. When these big temperature fluctuations do come, you want to feel confident that your windows are going to be ready to handle it.

Your windows are going to expand and contract with the temperature, but fiberglass windows ensure energy efficiency and high quality performance, no matter the temperature. Ultrex doesn’t expand any faster than glass thanks to a very low TER (thermal expansion rate). This helps to create natural resistance to leaks, cracks, and drafty seals that impact your efficiency.

Ultrex fiberglass is engineered to have an extremely low thermal expansion rate. It expands and contracts 33% less than vinyl! Frequent expansion and contraction breaks down the material over time, weakening the structural integrity and causing major headaches. Minimizing this contraction and expansion means you can trust these windows to last for years. 

If you are concerned about high heat, then you can rest easy with Ultrex fiberglass windows. Ultrex is a “thermoset” material. This means the material has been through an intense chemical reaction to harden them into the shape, preventing any possibility of melting and reforming. Vinyl and vinyl/wood composites are prone to this sort of melting and reforming in extreme heat.

How Do Fiberglass Windows Look?  

The strength and reliability are super important for your new windows, but you also want them to look good. The Ultrex Pultruded Fiberglass from Marvin comes in a wide variety of finishes so that you can be sure to match your aesthetic perfectly. Ultrex provides a high quality acrylic finish that resists scratching and maintains the “new” look.

The Ultrex finish is three times as thick as paint and specially bonded during the curing process. This bonded finish is longer lasting and more reliable than traditional paint. Plus, in the event that you do decide to add paint, the finish is “100% paintable.” No matter how light or dark you want your windows, you can trust the Marvin Ultrex process to provide exactly what you need.

How Do Fiberglass Windows Affect Energy Bills?  

If you are looking at replacing windows, then you have likely considered the potential energy savings. Great windows mean great savings in your heat and air conditioning. Ultrex is 500x less conductive than aluminum, so your home will retain more heat in the winter and keep cooler in the summer. How exactly does that work?

Well the energy efficient coating helps to absorb the winter sun and bring the heat in, but the summer sun is filtered and reflected back outdoors. This has reduced heat loss and “cut energy costs by 34% in cold climates, and cut cooling costs by 38% in warm climates.” The energy savings will make these fiberglass windows more than worth it in no time.

How Do You Get Fiberglass Windows Installed?  

Now you’re probably more than ready to get some great new fiberglass windows. Well, NuVu Builders is ready to help. We’ve been helping folks expertly install their new windows since 1972, and we love to install the Ultrex Fiberglass windows from Marvin.

We are a proud, family-owned business committed to your absolute satisfaction. In addition to expert knowledge and top-notch ongoing customer support, we are proud to be recognized as a  Premier Partner with Marvin. We trust and recommend their products, and they trust and recommend us to install them.

If you are ready to get the conversation started about your new fiberglass windows, then visit our contact us page. We provide a free consultation and estimate so that you can proceed with absolute peace of mind from the start to finish of your project. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and we won’t settle for anything less.

Should You Install Fiberglass Windows?  

Fiberglass windows may not be the absolute cheapest option available, but they are among the most reliable, longest lasting, and energy efficient models you could get. The upfront cost would be more than cheaper vinyl or vinyl/wood composites, but there is extreme added value in the lifetime of these windows.

Their superior strength means you can count on them to last for a very long time. They’ll withstand the forces of nature and the forces of a kid’s baseball game. Cheaper windows will just need to be replaced sooner, resulting in a pricier total down the road. The enhanced strength also means less framing, so you get the best view possible.

You can also rest easy knowing that your new fiberglass windows work with the temperature, not against it. The thermoset material holds its shape in the face of extreme temperatures, and the low thermal expansion rate prevents costly leaks and cracks. The energy efficiency will practically pay for itself!

The Ultrex Pultruded Fiberglass windows are just as attractive as they are functional. The customizable finish will perfectly match any visual aesthetic you can dream of. Get started today with the experts at NuVu, and start enjoying the best fiberglass windows available.

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