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Replacement Windows Buying Guide  

The Only Replacement Window Buying Guide Your Ever Need

Our team is happy to offer you a free window replacement estimate. But we also know that most homeowners need more than just an estimate for the cost of replacing their windows. Before you can really take advantage of a free window estimate, you first need to choose the right windows for your home. There are more options out there than you might think, which is why we have provided this guide. Read on to learn the benefits of choosing the right window and useful tips for how to pick the perfect windows for your unique needs.

Save With the Right Window

Most homeowners tend to replace multiple windows at once – often all of the windows throughout the house. Quality windows are an investment, one that can help you save money on heating and cooling costs and improve your enjoyment of the home. They are also an investment in the future sale of your home if you choose to sell because you can only demand the best price if your windows have been updated. All that being said, you still want to save on your initial replacement costs when possible.

There are a few ways you can save with the right window replacement, including:

  • Do your research to determine which windows you think will work best for your home
  • Take advantage of tax credits when possible
  • Choose a reputable company that specializes in replacement windows

Time Tested Window Buying Tips

1. Determine which windows you want to replace and why.

As mentioned earlier, many homeowners go with a full replacement of all of their windows – but not all. If you are only replacing some windows, make a list of them and list your reasons why you want to replace them. Even if you are replacing all of them, it is still helpful to know the specific reasons why replacements are needed. Knowing your reasons will help you narrow down your replacement choices.

2. Research the types of windows available.

There are a surprising number of choices available when it comes to windows. Some factors worth learning about include:

  • Brands. There are many different brands of windows. Some are more expensive than others because they are high quality. Others are known for more affordable options.
  • Materials. The three most popular materials for residential windows are vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Wood is beautiful but more expensive. Vinyl is durable and less expensive. Fiberglass is a newer material that can mimic the look of wood. Aluminum has fallen out of favor in recent years because it doesn’t insulate well, so you probably don’t want aluminum even if it’s cheap.
  • Quality. The better a window performs and/or the more aesthetically-pleasing it is, the more expensive it is likely to be. The key here is to find the sweet spot between performance, looks, and your budget.
  • Style. Single-hung, double-hung, awning, casement, fixed… there are numerous styles of windows you can choose from. Each opens a specific way and has a certain look. You may love one and hate the other, so take a little time to find out what makes up each style.
  • Energy efficiency. Today’s windows are almost all more energy-efficient than the windows of old. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t significant differences in performance between different windows. Solar heat gain coefficient is the term you want to look for if you want to keep sunlight from cooking your interior. Low U-factor is the term to pay attention to if you want to keep the cold at bay.

3. Think about your reasons for replacing your windows and decide which types of windows will suit your needs.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to replacement windows. Some homeowners want their home to be more beautiful and are looking for decorative, beautiful windows. Other homeowners are very concerned about their energy usage and are looking for windows that will be as energy-efficient as possible. Most homeowners have several different things they want from their new windows, but one factor may be more important than the other.

The better you know the problem you are trying to solve, the easier it will be to pick new windows.

Free Window Replacement Estimate

Once you have taken the three steps listed above, we encourage you to take what we think is the most important step of all – contact a window replacement expert. We can help you choose which windows will meet your needs and we can tell you what it will cost to have them replaced. All for free.

We are your team for replacement windows in Des Moines. Please contact us now to get your free window replacement estimate!

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