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How Long Should It Take to Install a Window?  

There are plenty of reasons to get new windows, but two of the biggest are that they will lower your energy bills and increase the curb appeal of your home. New windows will help to reduce drafts, saving you hundreds on heating and air each year. The best part is it will not take a long time to complete, especially when you are using the right professional for the job.

Installing a window should take approximately one hour per single opening to complete. If the window is more complex, installations can take longer. Custom-built windows can take up to two hours, and bay, bow, and patio doors can take two or more hours.

 The time to install a window will depend on the type of installation, and it’s not for the novice do-it-yourself person. Licensed professionals will complete your window install quickly and efficiently, helping you save money the same day your windows are put in. Read on to learn more about how long it should take to install a window in your home, how you can help, and what could impact your installation.

Window Installation Process


To get the window installation process started, you will want to call to set up a free personalized quote. They need to know how many windows you are looking to replace, what types of models and materials are you looking for, and more. They will visit your home and give you your price estimate so you can get a sense of how much your job will cost.

Once you sign a contract and put down a deposit, they will schedule your home to get its windows installed. They may or may not have the windows you selected in stock, so it may take some time to get all the materials together. Typically, a company will schedule between 6 to 8 weeks out, though it could be more or less depending on the season.

Depending on the number of windows you are getting replaced, it could take one day or a few days to complete the job. Based on the type of windows you are removing and those you are getting installed, it will probably take between two to five days. There are other factors that could slow this down, so you will want to consult with your installers so you know just how long it will take to complete.

For example, the number of windows that can be completed in a day depends on the person installing it. Typically, a good installer can install about 6 windows per day. However, if the window is a full-frame replacement, that number goes down to 3 windows per day. How intensive the replacement will impact the number of windows that can be done in a day, and therefore how long the job will take.

Things You Can Do to Help  

The state of the window and how much work needs to be done to prepare the window for installation can also add time to the installation process. There are a few things that you can do to help speed up the installation of your new windows, though this will just reduce the prep time and not have a huge impact on the installation time overall.

Here is a list of things you can do to help reduce installation times for new windows:

  • Make sure that you clear all items around the windows, both inside and outside. This could include removing shutters, external window hangings, and more from the outside of the windows.

  • Make sure that all items are away from the window. You do not want anything that may obstruct access to the window or could potentially be broken.

When removing items near your windows, you do not need to remove any siding from around the windows on the outside. Anything secured to the home should be fine to leave unless it impedes the window installation.

There will be dust and debris from the installation, so you also want to move everything away so that it does not get dirty during the transition from old to new windows.

Ultimately, you will get a list of instructions that will help you prepare your home and space for the window installation. Any steps that you have to take the day off or that your installer has to do will add time to the installation process.

Things That Cause Installation Delay  

In addition to not setting up your space prior to the installation, there are several things that can cause a delay with your window’s installation. Some of these are out of your direct control, but it is still important to know what could happen so you can level-set your expectations when you are looking to install new windows. They include:

  • Weather

  • Shipping Delays

  • Changes in plans

These are just a few things that can cause a delay with your window installation, and you will want to discuss all of them.


Weather conditions could potentially cause a delay in the installation. Technically, windows can be installed in the rain, but if your technician is working on a ladder, it will become wet and slippery. You may need to postpone your install until the weather clears up for the safety of all involved.

Additionally, windows can be installed during the winter, but snow can cause similar postponements. Ultimately, you need dry conditions to get new windows installed in your home.

Shipping Delays  

Especially in the last year, companies have been facing shipping delays as a result of the pandemic. There are material shortages that impact inventory, so when you are choosing the right window for you, you will want to make sure that they are in stock and not on back order. This will prevent any unwanted installation delays.

If you face any back order issues, ask if you can adjust your selections. This will help you to get the most timely job, especially if there is an easy, similar substitution that can be made.

Change in Plans  

If, after placing your initial order, you have changed your mind, this could potentially cause delays in how long it will take to install your windows. Any changes will need to be manually processed, so if you cancel a window, they will need to reorder its replacement.

This is why it is important not to make any adjustments after the order has been placed. Any changes add time to how long it will take for you to get your new, energy-efficient windows.

Importance of Good Windows  

Good windows can change the entire feel of the house, both literally and figuratively. Depending on the complexity of your job, it should take between one to five days to install a completely new set of windows. While the price will vary on a number of factors, these will eventually pay for themselves in energy savings. Just make sure to hire the right professionals for the job.

The installation process may take longer depending on the size of your home and the number of windows you need to install. Finding the right windows for your home is important, so make sure to find windows that would complement your home best.


Installation times for windows can vary depending on the weather, shipping delays, and changes in plans for the installation. There are things you can do to speed up the installation process, such as clearing up the areas around your windows.

Taking the extra steps to prepare for your window installation will help save time and energy for both you and the installation crew. If you want windows installed, then make sure to check out nuvubuilders and they will get the job done!

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